Updating iis

(Running as non-admin, IIS Express seems to ignore the 2nd binding - if I open its UI from the notification icon, IIS shows my site as running, but only shows the first binding, and I can only use localhost...

But nonetheless let’s take a look at how to enable the host name value field in the IIS site binding.For your site to run it would need to be started explicitly (either by opening and accessing from webmatrix, or from command line calling (from it's installation directory) with the /site parameter.Hi Jaro, thanks for the help, but is set in my DNS not the hosts file so that all the developers have the same access.And, by default, you cannot specify the host header value for the binding.

What this means is that the SSL certificate is now bound to port 443 for all sites using the IP address specified.

I've been fighting with this for as long as I can remember and still cannot get it to work.



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