Top carrot dating website sarah jean underwood dating

Her advice led me to create many of the niche dating websites for wealthy and successful singles.” While all of his other ventures cater to individuals with high net worth, in other words, who are capable of being ‘generous,’ Carrot Dating app was Wade’s attempt to create a product with mass market appeal.

Only users who offer the bribes have to purchase credits to chat with the person who accepts the bribe.

Anyone could offer a little bit of an incentive or reward to get somebody interested in them.

You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire with loads of disposable income.” With the massive number of downloads – 90,000 within the first three weeks of launch – seems that Wade’s strategy is working.

And even if a not-so-shallow woman does take the carrot bait, she wouldn’t respect the man.


I mean, how could she, when the man himself doesn’t see himself as smart or charming enough to attract a woman on his own? Chivalry and bribery don’t mean the same thing, at least not to my knowledge.

The name is a nod to the ‘carrot and stick’ strategy, that is usually used in reference to an animal like a horse or a dog.


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