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According to Gupta, research shows that though young people in less urban areas of India are not as open to online dating, social attitudes are rapidly shifting.

“We have come a long way in the last few years and dating is slowly getting socially and culturally acceptable,” Gupta wrote in an email.

ith the help of Susie Khalil, an American blogger living in Jeddah, we conducted a Facebook survey of current Saudi Arabia residents to get their views on dating and the apps that enable it.

Most described a culture seemingly incompatible with a service such as Whos Here.

The Trust Score is created and improved by linking to Facebook and Linked In profiles, as well as uploading copies of photo ID such as their passport, voter I-cards, employment verification, and .

The app also rejects any user whose Facebook profile status mentions “married,” to ensure only singles are using the platform.

We initially got married so we could actually date properly.” Kuwait, like Saudi Arabia, is an Islamic society, and when Desert Girl first arrived in 1996, she says that no one would ever date out in public—though that rule didn’t apply to foreigners and married couples.

Most marriages were arranged, and any actions a woman took that might be deemed uncouth could bring instant shame on her family.


As for men, they are forbidden from approaching women they don’t the leading Arab Site for Arab dating, Arab marriage, Arab singles, and Arab friendship.


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