Purpose of exclusivity dating

Supplier may (in its sole discretion) refuse acceptance of any order.

Each order submitted shall constitute an offer by Distributor to purchase or license the Supplier Products described in such order and, upon acceptance by Supplier, shall give rise to a contractual obligation of Distributor to purchase or license the said products on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

The purchase price shall be quoted and payable in U. Dollars to Supplier at the address specified on the invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, payment shall be made by Distributor by wire transfer in advance of shipment from the Supplier facilities.


Notwithstanding the passage of title, Supplier shall retain a security interest in all Supplier Products delivered until amounts for which Distributor is responsible under this Agreement have been received by Supplier.

THIS EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT (this “Agreement” or this “Exclusive Distribution Agreement) is entered into effective as of 25-Jul-2018 10:23 (the “Effective Date”) by and between [SUPPLIER. This could be a country or other objectively framed area.

The parties agree as follows: Panda Tip: You will want to firmly scope the geographical area where the Distributor is permitted exclusive rights to distribute.

Ideally, the targets will be comfortable for the Distributor and satisfy the Supplier.

Distributor shall promote the sale of Supplier Products in the Territory on its website.Distributor shall not be permitted to print, post or otherwise use letterhead, calling cards, literature, signage or other representations in the name of Supplier (or any of its affiliates) or to represent itself as Supplier (or any of its affiliates) or make commitments on behalf of Supplier (or any of its affiliates) without the express, written permission of Supplier.



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