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American actor Michael Stahl-David was born on August 27, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois.He graduated from Lincoln Park High School in 2001, where he became part of the school’s theater program.He’s almost like Aaron Sorkin in that way, you just know the sound of his stuff…ZK: They were definitely trying to do it under the radar.They went about casting it in a really unconventional way, just asking to see a handful of people.He pursued further studies at Columbia College in Chicago.During this time, he was already active in local theater, having played roles in local productions such as Cider House Rules, The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? By that time, he had already become an established graffiti artist."It's about friends," he says, "and how extreme situations bring out things in ourselves we didn't know were there." Yeah, yeah, self-discovery—but how about a plot hint?



It’s really well done and has very Joss Whedon type dialogue.

I’ve always loved just conversation, conversation is romantic, and that’s why I love this movie, but I love the Before Sunrise movies, and that’s why I loved The Truth about Cats and Dogs when I was a teenager…JM: I’ve seen it way too many times.



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    Black and Latino students are less likely to hook up, as are evangelical Christian students and working-class students.

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    The drenched guard stood outside, his buddy was as wary of your two bottles of wine, used all her kind, fluffy daggers.

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