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We also make up about 40% of Mensa, the genius society, despite our 1 in 10 ratio.

I’d say the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to our intelligence — but I’m a lefty, so what do I know about math, right?

Some of our members have mentioned to us in the past that they often have trouble greeting people with a kiss on the cheek.

They told us that the kissing would often lead to confusion and sometimes very awkward moments! It seems that many of you have been compelled to respond to this question and all of your answers were great to read.

These days, I actually prefer using scissors and can openers with my right hand, and I know I’m the better for it, on a multitude of levels, including my love life.

Catholic elementary school may have put the fear of Satan in me given the left hand’s association with the devil, but by the time I was in high school and was pointe-guard of the basketball team — thanks to how effortlessly I dribbled and did lay-ups with both hands — I knew then that the only thing sinister about being left-handed was perhaps the strengths that were suddenly blooming from what was once felt weak and at a disadvantage.

” It didn’t even occur to me, after growing up in a household of righties with whom I shared our home’s one computer, that there was any other way to position a mouse than the “right” way.


LELO’s 2014 Global Sex Survey found that 86% of left-handed people were “Extremely Satisfied” with their sex lives, compared to only 15% of right-handed people, after the company surveyed an impressive 10,000 people about their sex lives.We’re often stereotyped as full-blown creatives — brilliant “outside of the box” thinkers who nevertheless lack the pragmatic, sequential thinking associated with the left side of the brain.Here’s the thing though: Yes, our right hemispheres are like an ongoing Cirque du Soleil-produced extravaganzas of imaginative ideas.Given that we’re just as up for doing something backwards as the way it seems natural to us, it’s no wonder that we also strive to no end to find satisfaction sexually.

And given that coming up with new, innovative ideas is kind of our “thing,” no wonder we never get bored between the sheets.I know it’s unfair, but I’m always disappointed when I notice that a guy I find attractive isn’t left-handed.



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