Jezebel christian dating


When a Jezebel apologizes it is never in true repentance or acknowledgment of wrongdoing but rather “I’m sorry your feelings were hurt.” 2.Takes credit for everything While a strong trait of Jezebel is to never take responsibility for his wrong actions or behavior, he also is quick to take credit for benefits for which he contributed no effort. Uses people to accomplish its agenda The Jezebel spirit lets others do its dirty work. A Jezebel wields power over you by knowing something you don’t know in a situation.This puts the person out of the leader’s grace and forces him to either “come around” to the leader’s way of thinking or be indefinitely ignored. He just cannot bring himself to say thank you or to acknowledge that someone else did something right.There are those who have gone out of their way to bless a Jezebel by being the catalyst of sending him on a trip or giving a gift. This again puts the controller in a position of power. Criticizes everyone This is a characteristic of a controller.Therefore, the element of surprise works well when he shows up a day early for a meeting, etc. Sows seeds of discord A Jezebel will continually belittle another person in the most subtle way.The strategy is to “gain” control by minimizing the value of another person.Jezebel is a spirit, but it finds access through uncrucified flesh.

Although he will work hard, his motive is never pure, and eventually his secret agenda cannot be hidden. The fact that Jezebel can look you in the eye and lie just shows how strong and adamant this rebellious and recalcitrant spirit is. Ignores people A classic ploy of a controller is to ignore you when you disagree with him.

This gives him a sense of power, even to the point of trying to impress people by “knowing things” that others do not. Talks incessantly Many people talk habitually, but a Jezebel uses talking as a form of control. Spiritualizes everything When a controller is confronted, he commonly spiritualizes the situation, explaining it off on God.


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    And they shouldn’t expect their abodes to be perfect either, says Counts-Tabor.

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    She also traveled to Panama to work with Aid for AIDS and attended the Thai national final at Bangkok, Thailand on March 26, 2011.

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    I always stay positive and I believe this is the only way to be happy.

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    I've tried searching via the forum link you provided but I have to say it's a little unclear. Hello Katrena and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers-you can find the chat area under community-please see this link to chat https:// I hope you enjoy Silversurfers, regards Sally Hello Poppyrose and welcome to Silversurfers.

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