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"One of the cool things about this show," says Dallas, who plays genetically engineered phenom Kyle, "is that we get to see this boy struggle with how he can fulfill his destiny and, at the same time, try to live a normal life." Describing her lead character as an "evolving superhero of the soul," supervising producer Julie Plec prom­ises that upcoming episodes "really start laying the foundation for how Kyle will take his extraordinary physical and mental abilities and use them in a very human way to help people.The central question for Kyle is, 'Now that I know who I am, who can I become?Еще один так называемый coming out случился на днях: вчера 30-летний актер Мэтт Даллас объявил о том, что он — гей.


He captioned it: is also going to have a sexy gay male living in the complex. Sources tell us that star Matt Dallas has recently ended. Hilary Duff wears a cool pair of camouflage glasses as she catches a flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (February 25).The 22-year-old newly engaged actress next stars in the movie ).caught up with star Matt Dallas shortly after his return to the Vancouver set from what he calls "a little three-week hiatus," to probe him for tidbits about the summer finale and next winter's plots. She shoots up here in Vancouver as well, so hopefully we'll get to hang out, because that would be cool.

You get to talk to the fans and you don't get any jerks, because people who waited in line for two hours love your show. Did you get to meet other sci-fi stars?

" The next time the superteens meet on a rain-slicked rooftop, maybe they'll keep the cameras running — and light­ning will strike twice.


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