Interracial dating essay


Why black and white couples are the most difficult to accept among interracial relationships and what love should be based on.

Although racism is still a prominent issue within the United States, accepting interracial relationships is a step forward to overcoming ignorance and to relinquish a burden that is hindering our nation from being completely united.

Yancey concluded that 35.7 percent of white Americans had inter-dated, along with 56.5 percent of African Americans, 55.4 percent of Hispanic Americans, and 57.1 percent of Asian Americans.

Additionally, he concluded that those who attended racially or ethnically integrated schools were considerably more likely to inter-date.

Finally, in 1967 the United States Supreme Court unanimously decided the law was unconstitutional and legalized interracial marriages. Census Bureau 310,000 interracial couples married in 1970 (0.7%); 651,000 in 1980 (1.3%), and 1,161,000 in 1992 (2.2%).

To identify recent studies that have proven interracial relationships are becoming more acceptable, and the views of the youth.

Richard (white) and Mildred (black) Loving resided in Virginia where it was illegal to marry outside of one's race so they married in Washington D. They had a choice of one year in prison unless they agreed to leave the state and not return for a period of 25 years.


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