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Early policing arrangements were along similar lines to the UK and British colonial police forces, in particular the Royal Irish Constabulary and the New South Wales Police Force.Many of its first officers had seen prior service in either Ireland or Australia.The early Force was initially part police and part militia.At the outset, official establishment of sworn constables holding common law powers to arrest people was achieved by magistrates being given the power to swear them in via the Magistrates Ordinance of 1842.Score a FREE Chromecast on a 24-month unlimited fibre plan. Get it now Slingshot makes mobile easy (and great value).Watch all your favourite TV shows, movies, music videos and more from your smart device straight to your TV! Just bundle a mobile plan in with your broadband plan and you are away.These online dating sites are your best bets for finding a date. (Looking For NZ Dating Apps (i Phone, Android) Popular in NZ? Scientists say they have identified a new continent, and called it Zealandia.

From the police force's beginnings in 1840 through the next forty years, policing arrangements varied around New Zealand.

However, provincial policing models lasted only two decades as economic depression in the 1870s saw some provinces stop paying their police as they ran out of money.

Eventually, the government decided a single nationally organised police would be the best and most efficient policing arrangement.

Auckland student Rachael De Jong was reportedly holding selfie sticks with three other women just minutes before a raging torrent at the Waikato River in New Zealand swept her to her death on Monday.

At 37, Belinda Benn, from Australia, had a 'meltdown' about her body.

At the same time, government took the important step to hive off the militia functions of the old Armed Constabulary, and form the genesis of today's New Zealand Defence Force, initially called in 1886 the New Zealand Permanent Militia.


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