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Throughout 1 Corinthians 7, sexual desire factors into Paul's argument for the purpose of marriage.

Sex in marriage is a mutual right and a weapon in the fight against sexual temptation.

The debate is nothing new, though it's been reinvigorated in recent years. Lately, the pendulum has swung toward marrieds, and some even suggest that singles should not serve as pastors.

I have previously written in defense of singleness in the pastoral role.

Rather, he is giving wise apostolic counsel regarding how the marital state affects life and ministry experience. I loved being a pastor, and the amount of time I could put toward pastoral ministry would have been sinful neglect of family for a married pastor. Billy Graham acknowledged this difference in a letter to the lifelong single John Stott. For those 20 years of single pastoring, my thoughts were substantially focused on the church. My mind moved there naturally with problem solving, creativity, prayer, sermon prep, and so on.

Allow me to present the relevant points in 1 Corinthians 7 intertwined with my experience. As an example, over my single years, I would spend one, two, or three nights a week in the homes of church members. Those thoughts produced vision, teaching, and countless other helps that assisted my church greatly.

They are as sexually desirous as any healthy human being but are patiently waiting for the righteous context to express it.

A married pastor is blessed to have a righteous place to go in dealing with sexual desire.



From this perspective, a single pastor is a ticking bomb, and it's only a matter of time before he compromises. Does God not give the grace we need, sexual desires included?

I was blessed to fill this void with fellow staff who were better at ministering with those special needs than my life situation allowed.


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