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And even if you take dating out of the picture, simply working on your mental health will do you a world of good. It simply means that you’re not sitting around all day and letting your body fall to pieces. You’re making a point of taking care of yourself and reaping the rewards.Imagine just how different you’ll feel if youcarrying around that anger or that despair. Cardiovascular fitness means more endurance and better blood flow, which leads to things like stronger erections and more powerful orgasms.All the sizzle in the world is meaningless without the steak to go with it.If you want to date better in the new year, you have to devote the time to becoming someone who’s worth dating.Over the course of the upcoming year, this site will be focusing intently on developing what it takes to become someone worth dating – the new Level Up series.Think of this column as an overview of the things we’ll be talking about that will take your dating life into the next level. But – both in my email and posted in the comments section. That anger – whether it’s directed inward or outward – seeps into everything you do.But getting your shit together is a two-way street. Taking care of your physical fitness helps you sleep better and serves as a natural antidepressant and makes you feel better about yourself overall.You can’t just schedule some appointments and call it a day: you have to take ownership of how you feel. And one of the things about getting fit is that it can be as cheap as you need it to be.

You can work on your fitness just by taking walks as you listen to podcasts.

And let’s be honest: if you don’t believe in your own value and self-worth… While we’re on the topic of taking care of yourself…


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    In that case, a night of dancing or some kind of sport might be best.

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    In real life, talking to a charming stranger of the opposite gender can be really stressful, and you may think of it as a bad idea.

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