Framemaker toc not updating


You can also use the reference page (MTOC) to make the required changes.

If you do not want the page numbers in the mini TOC, then you can use any one of the following two approaches: • variable from the MTOC page.

1)If you want to change the headings that make up your mini TOC, then delete the existing mini TOC and recreate a mini TOC.

If you want to update mini TOCs in all documents within a book, you can do so with a single click. With this single book update operation, mini TOCs present in all document within the book are updated.

Frame Maker allows you to add a miniature table of contents (mini TOC) at a document level.

This feature is currently supported for unstructured documents only.

The page numbers would not be shown in the source document as well as in any published output. The page numbers would be visible in the source document, but they will not be published in any output format supported by the Publish pod.

The Set Up Table of Contents dialog box displays a list of the paragraphs tags which will be included in the table of contents.

You can include any tags you like, but you'll typically use just the first two or three heading levels.

Our new table of contents contains all the information we want it to, but it's not very usable in the current format.

Now we will give it some formatting to make it more readable.

A mini TOC improves the read­ability and eases the navigation in a long document.


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