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Gold plated open vintage tuners (like 1930s or Waverly).

A superb copy of pre 1955 Martin D-18 (with ebony fb) at a fraction of Martins price Tone Rite treated for best tone!

Only criticism is the supplied endpin jack has to be tightened up occasionally (this is easily replaced)Youd pay twice the price for a Fishman Rare Earth, (to which this pickup bears a resemblance) for no obvious advantage. BC & The Heartkeys r ett utprglat liveband med sina rtter i bluesen. , changed bridge & tailpiece) Latest known example: 24784 (ca 1961) Bjrton Acoustic Nylonstring model La Rita 1976. [email protected] ABBA Star guitar Reissue Limited Edition 40 Anniversary model. Here together foor the signing of the guitars and certificate: From Left: original designer Gran Malmberg, ABBAs Bjrn Ulveaus, Bjrn BC Clern (who produced this reissue). Many thanks to all of our customers throughout the years! Mina tankar gr till Svens nrmsta och bandmedlemmarna..."Sedan skivdebuten med Telge Blues 1975 har Sven Zetterberg varit en av bluesens viktigaste rster. Han var fre sin skdespelarkarrir ena halvan av legendariska sextiotalsbandet Hansson & Carlsson, och har bland annat spelat med Jimi Hendrix. Live spelning av 2 ltar och 2 lngre intervjuer angende bandets LP med utvik och multifrgad 180gram virgin vinyl CD. (ppna U-Tube videon i nytt fnster) BC & Heartkeys Lten BC & Heartkeys Live video. (I video lnken, Klicka p ppna i nytt fnster) BC & Heartkeys p TV4. Mr TIP TOP "BC" p 50-tals Goldtop o 60-tals Marshall 18 watts combo o 50 tals tweed Deluxe frstrkare, Janne Loffe Carlsson p 50-tals Gretsch trummor (som Janne kpte p 50talet), Max p 60-tals Hammond B3, Summanen p Fender & Marshall, hrstrm p munspel o -70 tals Freedom Amp, Bacchus p -70 tals Fender bas.



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