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In evolutionary biology, the term cuckold is also applied to males who unwittingly invest parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own.

The term cuckold is derived from a bird's mis-directed parental investment of effort to the eggs that cuckoo birds have laid in their nests.

See Cuckold Theoretics or the next few weeks I encouraged my crossdressing husband to think of our new arrangement as normal. Most evenings he'd report that there were no problems, people seemed to assume that's what he was.

He awoke each morning already quite pretty, thanks to Doreen's facial dyes, but we performed our half-hour beauty routines together anyhow.

Though it wasnever true of my cuckold, my one-woman man who was now my one womanwoman.

He ran errands in the neighborhood secure in the knowledge that noone would recognize him.

When he’s free and still remains seated, nude and forbidden from touching his terribly excited penis – then we’ve really achieved submission.


My cuckold told him primly thathe never dated men, that he lived with another woman and dressedthis way only to please her, and that she was his partner for life. The man got flustered and practically fled, my cuckold told me. He often expressedannoyance at how bold and persistent some men could be, howirritating the intrusions on his attention.When he went in to use his college's library, heshowed the librarians his faculty ID card and then proceeded as ifhe were the person pictured on the card.They never questioned him-- rather, they assumed he was his own somewhat provocative summerresearch assistant, and granted him all of his usual borrowingprivileges.He’s bound and ‘forced’ to watch his wife be ‘ravaged’ by someone else, for example. If he’s tied and has no real choice, it’s not submission.

I’ve always maintained a no-bondage rule, in most cases, for the cuckold attending his wife’s coupling with another man. Yes, he submits to being tied, but then he has a subconscious out for his inaction during her mating.

He needed extra time with his hairdo, and while he fussed I told him little tales from my own girlhood, about different exciting first tries of grown-up things like bras and lipstick, about prepping for dates, things like that, so he could share my girlhood, not having had one of his own.



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    There is a straightforward, blunt, in-your-face expectation that PKs will behave “better” than our peers. Dating is bad, so you should only court—or better yet, have an arranged marriage. I knew cognitive truth, but not experiential truth. It was the awful power of God’s grace that peeled back layer after layer of hypocrisy, my onion self, to expose my heart to what I knew answers about but truly needed to believe. It is guilt as an identity, the feeling that I am bad because of all the things I have done.

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    We're just trying to make sure this city is affordable for everyone." (Sawant is running in District 3, covering Capitol Hill and the Central District.

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