European guidelines for validating non formal


Mo Req2 is generally considered The Mo Req2 specification is intended for users and suppliers of electronic records management systems and services, and educators.Its main intended usages are to serve as a basis for invitations to tender (also known as requests for proposal) and as a framework to guide development of new electronic records management systems.To Book If you would like to attend EFRIM4, please send the following details to [email protected] for existing members have already been allocated but limited additional places are available so book now to avoid disappointment.Other places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.



Following the production of a scoping study report, the European Commission funded development of Mo Req2.

EFRIM strives to improve the safety of Europe improving interoperability of the first responders/emergency services by understanding how we can deal with common challenges faced by our organizations.

By providing a platform for the all services to connect with each other, sharing knowledge, exploring how resources can be coordinated and formulating common goals, EFRIM can help voice common needs to national and European policy makers to synchronize the approach taken and maximize the support available.

Mo Req was developed by a team of consultants supported by and Editorial Board of international experts.

The resulting specification, frequently referred to (informally) as Mo Req1, However, its success was not accompanied by any form of governance or development; and there was no Mo Req1 compliance testing programme.We welcome papers addressing a variety of interoperability management topcis.


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