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My paternal haplogroup was predicted to be ‘R-P312’ and upon entering this section (shown below), there was a brief description of where my paternal ancestors have migrated from.I found this information a little confusing and it wasn’t yet clear to me what a haplogroup was.

Tree builder is Web 1.0 but stable (played around with it but can’t be bothered to upload my tree to it). I’ve been speaking with one mt match – we’re third cousins we think. This is what it wrote back: YSearch and Mitosearch are two websites that are still active for use but are not maintained in any way by our IT department.I was also invited to choose my own but I wasn’t sure what an SNP was or why I would choose one.My raw Y-DNA37 marker data was provided in another section.This information was displayed in map and table format. For my paternal ancestry, one of the tables (shown below) showed that at ‘genetic distance -1’, 4.9% of my paternal matches lived in England, 7.7% in Wales, and 5.8% in France!

I wasn't aware of any Welsh or French relatives on my father's side of the family.

In summary I found Family Tree DNA to be one of the most advanced genetic ancestry companies I've tested with.



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    Years earlier, Loubna’s parents arranged her marriage after rejecting a proposal from the man she loved as a teen, a greengrocer named Abu Ahmed (Rodrigue Sleiman).

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