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In Southeast Asia, stegodons are remarkable for being one of only a few large-bodied species to be relatively common in the fossil record of both small and large islands (Van den Bergh, 1999).

Moreover, the occurrence of stegodons on islands that have never been connected to continents means they were commonly the only large- or medium-sized mammals to inhabit these until the later arrival of anatomically modern humans.

Examination of the full date sequence emphasizes the complexity of the site stratigraphy and tight clustering of the dates from all levels, thereby clarifying the difficulty that the excavator had in separating levels.

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In contrast, post-crystallization deformation and metamorphism would open the system to metamorphic fluids that would alter elemental ratios.


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    Please excuse my ignorance, but could someone explain the entire story behind the Victoria/Changmin rumors? When did people begin speculating about them being in a relationship together? I always see his name mentioned when people are talking about Victoria and Changmin. He acknowledged his friendship with both of them publicly. Many people think Khuntoria was a way to bring attention away from Khun Fany and Changtoria.

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    Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo, provides a set of built-in abilities, or skills, that enable customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice.

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    On Monday, May 2, 2016, Upton, for the first time, spoke publicly of her engagement on the red carpet for the Met Gala in Manhattan, saying Verlander proposed before the baseball season started.

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