Dating the gift

So, think long and hard about what your lover enjoys and what makes them happy. If you need more help finding out who they are and what the like, see here: How to Connect with a Date or Mate.Sometimes, as with very new relationships, it is difficult to know whether a gift is warranted.Therefore, whatever you ultimately get from others, be grateful for their time, attention, and consideration.Share that notion of gratitude and thanks with them too.We would like to work with you setting up Dating Site for Singles with the same interest.We can set it up for you at no cost if you have strong interest in this field or work-at-home business.


Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor If you are a notorious last-minute shopper like myself (or were hoping for the world to end on the 21st), then you're probably under a bit of gift buying stress at the moment. They only begin acknowledging your good intentions and consider whether "it's the thought that counts", if they are disappointed with what they receive (Zhang & Epley, 2012).

Universal presents such as movie ticket vouchers, small stuffed animals, scented candles, candy, and wine always make good "emergency" gifts. Keep them wrapped under your tree (or in your car) and take them out if you get "surprised" with a gift. You can even say that you "didn't quite know what to couldn't resist getting them a little something too"! In fact, studies have shown that people are happier receiving one of two gifts as a surprise, then they are getting BOTH when they know about it beforehand (Kurtz, Wilson, & Gilbert, 2007). With that in mind, DON'T tell others what you are getting them. The old saying "it is better to give than receive" is not always true.

:-) For more on reciprocity and problems with gift-giving, see here: Defense Against Manipulative Dating Games 2: Taking Too Much and Defense Against Manipulative Dating Games 3: Tricky Giving. Even if they have exact requests, get them something small that they don't know about too. Relationships are about exchange, not just one-way giving.

In those instances, there is nothing worse than being faced with a present..nothing to give them in return.

That is because the desire to return favors and gifts (called reciprocity) is a powerful social norm that influences our social behavior (Cialdini, 2009).

Remember, people receiving a present evaluate the quality of a gift first and figure out whether they like it.


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