Dating of old testament books

Beginning with the words etched into stone by the finger of God himself, God's people recognized the Lord's writing as it came to them through their leaders and prophets.The books of Moses were recognized as scripture by 's earliest judges and kings, who referred to them in their writings as Scripture.In fact, due to the fact that it was on new, undamaged materials, it was given the advantage, as the old manuscript might have become damaged or defaced. The Septuagint is the earliest complete Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible and was completed by a group of Jewish scholars around 250 BC.The group is said to have been made up of six elders from each of the twelve tribes of The translation was necessary as the Jews, dispersed from their homeland, adopted the languages of their new lands.


(Taken from Not even the tiniest letter could be written from memory, as one would glance at the word "to" and write the letters "t" and "o" before glancing back at the original, but every letter was copied singly from the original; Every letter of every page and book was counted and compared against the original.

They calculated the middle word and middle letter of each."Jews preserved it as no other manuscript has ever been preserved ...


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