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Or maybe they just need to know how valuable they really are, and that it’s not worth the risk to be involved with a bad boy.

If we manage to save one life by speaking up, it's worth it.

Was Louise Ellis a fool to have taken a chance on Brett Morgan? We can all encourage the women that we know and love to take a hard look at the men that they’ve chosen as partners. We all have daughters, sisters or colleagues who might benefit from our advice, even if they don't want to hear it.

Women who are consistently attracted to the wrong men may need counseling.

An acquaintance of mine fell in love with a prisoner.

Morgan was a "jailhouse snitch"; he claimed that he shared a cell with a man who confessed to killing a woman that someone else was doing the time for. His motives seemed altruistic at the time, so she introduced herself to him after the hearing.

He set goals in a life skills class called “Changes.” He also began attending Alcoholics Anonymous. “I don’t know if it was so much growing up as it was just finally finding a moral compass,” he said.



Stanley was released at 16 but arrested for attempted murder a week after his 17th birthday.Facing many years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, he planned to be a “professional convict.” Stanley’s parents didn’t give up on him.


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