D39angelo dating advice


Then waiting for him to come to the house to pick you up? "Even the concept of dating is outdated," says Beth-Marie Jelsma, a psychotherapist in Rochester, New York.



Wanda Yee, a mother of three daughters from Ridgeway, New Jersey, requires that they keep their accounts set to private, an option offered by the site so that parents can determine who has access to their kid's page.

(Also, be sure you know the numbers of your child's friends.) Internet sites like myspace.com, facebook.com, and xanga.com, where teens can post pictures and trade messages, allow kids to meet tons of new people.

While the dangers should be obvious, teens can be oblivious.

"I said to my daughter, ‘Tell him he needs to come in.

Your parents want to meet him.'" And to make sure their kids end up where they say they're going to be, some parents insist their kids call home by landline to confirm their whereabouts using caller ID.But that doesn't mean kids aren't sexually active: Studies have found that some 50 percent of teenagers, ages 15 to 19, have engaged in oral sex.



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    Victoria was shaken, but she couldn’t help doubting herself.

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