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Another area where many creoles can be found is within the River Parishes, St. Later the regional French evolved to contain local phrases and slang terms.

The French Creoles spoke what became known as Colonial French.

Later immigrants to New Orleans, such as Irish, Germans and Italians, also married into the Creole groups. Through the 19th century, most spoke French and were strongly connected to French colonial culture.

Only the small Spanish Creole communities of Saint Bernard Parish and Galveztown spoke Spanish.

Agnèz Beyincé’s life inspired her daughter and granddaughter immensely, as the women spawned their clothing line, House of Deréon in honor of her passion for making clothes (Agnèz Beyincé was formerly known as Agnèz De Rouen–hence the name).

(and thus naturalized in those regions rather than in the parents’ home country).

(Since the mid-twentieth century, the number of Spanish-speaking Creoles has declined in favor of English speakers, and few people under 80 years old speak Spanish.) They have maintained cultural traditions from the Canary Islands, where their ancestors came from, to the present.

While the sophisticated Creole society of New Orleans has historically received much attention, the Cane River area in northwest Louisiana, populated chiefly by Creoles of color, also developed its own strong Creole culture.


Bryant and Greg Gumbel are definitely two of the most entertaining sportscasters to grace the television screen. – Source: happybirthdaycelebrity.Source: Le Beauf The last name is probably a dead giveaway, but the chick who played Sondra Huxtable is a woman of Louisiana Creole heritage.No matter how you come to the conclusion that one is Creole (and please, let’s not get into the colorstruck aspects of it all), there are many people who identify as such, and they speak a wide variety of languages.In our random travels through the Internet (or da Intanetz as we like to call it), we were surprised to find a number of celebrities who are of the Louisiana Creole heritage. Sheila Escovedo is hands down one of the coolest people to ever pick up a set of drumsticks and go to town on the drums, and if you didn’t know, she’s also of Mexican and Louisiana Creole heritage.The term has since been used with various meanings, often conflicting or varying from region to region.

), also called Louisiana French Creoles, French Creoles, or simply Creoles are persons descended from the inhabitants of colonial Louisiana during the period of both French and Spanish rule.If you’re nosey like us, you probably want to know who. Her father, famous drummer Pete Escovedo, is Mexican-American, while her mother, Juanita Escovedo (formerly Gardere), is French and black.


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