Cheats ganguro girl dating sim Secret teen cam


The Internet game "Ganguro Girls V 1.5" challenges you to date a selection of these women.

create a folder in Program Files, it should be like this "C: Program Files SG" 3.

When you do so, a space may appear before the "20". Once activated, you will have ,999, 175 in strength, knowledge, and charm, and 99 of all six items and gifts. You may have to select "Play" twice for it to appear.

Full meter on date While on a date with a girl, right click and select "Play". Once the question appears, using this trick again to bring up the same question repeatedly, making the date easy.

Once the question appears, using this trick again to bring up the same question repeatedly, making the date easy.


Never get arrested: ------------------- When doing the "Delivery" job and you end up jailed, while on the jail screen (where you are behind bars sweating), press the Right Mouse Button and select "Play". You will most likely end up in the club talking to Saori, and all the things she is able to say while on relationship level "Stranger" will start. You will now be back on the same exact day, with the same HP, and you can try the job again.

All Cheats inside from the first CHEATSBOOK January 1998 until today.


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    arrives in stores for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC, with Wii, PSP and PS3 versions to follow in November.

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    Because of its flexible casting requirements, it allows for maximum participation by available singers. is divided into three sections–the opening, the dates, and the finale. Some small cocktail tables down front, each with two chairs. A quiet evening, the bartender instructs the cocktail waitress and busboy to get ready for the evening.

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    Here’s some good news for fans of Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu— and some bad news for Yen Santos and Xian Lim.

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    According to 36 You Games' Japanese language website, as of 13 November 2012, Boyfriend Maker was ranked the number one free i Phone app in Japan and had been among the top ten overall apps in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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    She was almost halfway through her pregnancy and soon her baby would be born."Make a wish, baby." Beck whispered to her.

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    First, we provide marriage counseling to help couples heal and build successful relationships.

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