Celebs dating older women tips dating recently divorced woman


They were just showing a little countdown thing on VH1 about older women younger men.Some were only 7 years younger which doesn't count in my book tbqh.The "Bye Bye" singer walked down the aisle with music mogul Tommy Mottola (20 years her senior) in 1993 - the pair divorced in 1998.This time around, Carey, 38, has 11 years on her R&B crooner hubby who she wed in the Bahamas April 30.Or if she's ridiculously wealthy/has name recognition.And while I am all for May/December romances I can't help but wodner how many of these men are looking for financial stability or a woman who is "past her prime" and more likely to be grateful and accepting of the bullshit.I dated a 32 year old for a year when I was 22 and it was just fine.The only reason we split up was because he was moving to France and wanted me to marry him and go with him, but I was more focused on my own things at the time. We had loads more in common than I do with plenty of people my age.



Male celebrities pretty much have their pick of some of the world’s hottest and glamorous women.

I am dating someone 15 years older than I am and we are honestly having the best time. i'm personally attracted to older guys so i don't think i'll be following in my mom's footsteps Before I met my husband, who's my age, I only felt attracted to older men because men my age were so immature. I think the Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey gap is a maturity thing. I'm on my biggest difference yet - 5 1/2 years younger, and it's the best relationship I've ever had.



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