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An attack against one group is an attack against us all. “This is not the president or the country that said that.

And we’re not going to stand for it.” Boutahar Ebdelfatah, of Bensonhurst, said he would not let the fliers bother him.

Although he was raised in a community that was taught to be apprehensive of black people, Dakota chose to attend a Historically Black College where he experienced being the "minority" for the first time.

In one scene, Jose films Dakota introducing his black friends from college to his white friends from childhood – a sequence that highlights the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding.

Jose examines the 23-year-old's experience as a white person in an environment where there's a long history of tension between Native Americans and whites.

MTV made the documentary available on, the MTV App, MTV's Facebook page and its You Tube channel, as well as on i Tunes, Amazon Instant Video and MTV's Video On Demand services.

They often act too late, or fail to see a complete picture of what's happening due to a lack of 'human intelligence' – the knowledge of individual movements and actions that even the best technology can't always capture.In the film, Katy admits that she believes being white prevented her from receiving scholarships – a notion echoed by other young white people across the country – and Jose sets out to investigate.


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