Asian american professional dating


Asian Dating in Washington DC combines the best of Asian dating sites with the benefits gained from having enjoyed actual face-to-face introductions. Asian Dating in Washington DC eases that difficulty by combining the importance of personal introductions with the features of Asian dating websites.


I was reminded recently that Asian shame permeates in the world of Asian-American dating when it comes to parental and family expectations in our choices of dating and marriage partners.

Professionals in the City offers a wide variety of Asian Dating in Washington DC events for our Asian members and those who want to meet them.

With a wide range of social networking events, including the always popular speed dating events, both those of Asian origin and those interested in dating Asians will be satisfied.

The Asian American Man study seeks to capture a holistic and comprehensive view into the lives of Asian men in the United States, exploring their experiences with race, at work and in school, in dating and relationships, and even their politics and religion.

The findings from the 2015 edition of the study were read by over 70,000 people on Medium and received coverage on Atlantic Media's National Journal and NBC's Asian America.

With private emailing options, users can also message their interest to other attendees of Asian Dating n Washington DC without disclosing their personal information.


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