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An investigation published Thursday in the cites evidence USA Gymnastics, which oversees the sport from early development programs to the elite athletes competing in the Rio, was notified about multiple instances of abuse involving multiple coaches and underage girls but failed to alert law enforcement authorities.(Read More: Simone Biles is Taking Her Sport to New Heights)During an ongoing trial involving one victim who sued the federation and one of the coaches cited by the , two leading federation officials explained their actions by pointing to a policy of only reporting cases if the victim or victim’s parent notified the federation.

The report comes just as the sport is ready to showcase its most talented athletes on sport’s biggest stage.“We try to keep the kids away from that right now for this moment,” Mihai Brestyan, the U. women’s Olympic team assistant coach said after the team’s first training session in the Rio Olympic arena.

Three of them have filed lawsuits in state court in California. "But here the defendant has shown through his conduct that he's a hands-on offender.While the man lies on his back, the woman straddles and rides on top while moving randomly from side to side, back and forth and in circular motions just like an earthquake. Both partners lie on their sides facing the same way with the man in back as he enters her from behind.Grabbing onto her hips, the man begins thrusting while maintaining the spoon position for easy entry and exit.The woman lies on her back with her legs hanging off the bed.

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    Remember, awareness is the key and acceptance unlocks the door!

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