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Any chance I get, I whip out my i Phone – bless modern technology – and show strangers on the bus photos of my two granddaughters, aged seven and four.So you can imagine my delight when in 2011, Gransnet, the website designed specifically for DGs like me – there are currently 14 million grandparents in Britain – was launched by those thoughtful Mumsnet people.But the worry that you thought you’d left behind about your own children’s safety comes back to haunt you with your grandchildren. What if, as a granny, you think there’s a problem, such as late walking, potty-training, reading, but your daughter or son hasn’t mentioned it?As Janet says, “concrete seems harder and fire hotter” when you’re in sole charge of your grandchildren. Should you bring it up, or are you just being an old worrier?A section of the book deals with this sensitively, suggesting ways of approaching the problem – such as first doing some proper research about what is considered “normal” before wading in – that won’t blow up in all your faces.

I regale whole dinner parties with stories of their beauty, their superpowers, my eyes misty with love.

Joan Rivers At 80, Joan is a proud grandmother to Edgar Cooper Endicott, 12, who is said to call her “Nana New Face”.


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