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This is a widgeted area which is called Featured Bottom.It is using the Genesis - Featured Posts widget to display what you see on the Serenity child theme demo site.It was on Vinod's private jets that Hillary flew from White Plains, New York, to Washington, DC, to pick up Huma Abedin and then travel on to Charleston, South Carolina in December 2005, Bloomburg News reported.Chelsea Clinton, a 23-year old Oxford graduate (pictured left) with no experience, was given a six-figure consulting job, when a close pal of Bill's, former board member of AIF, Rajat Gupta, was removed from his consulting position in 2003 Vinod Gupta (left with Bill at an unknown date) was another close friend of Clinton who collaborated with Rajat Gupta in forming AIF.This is a widgeted area which is called Featured Top Right.There you can drag the Genesis - Featured Posts widget into the Featured Top Right widget area on the right hand side.Neco Inc., of Denver, Colorado, provides 3D Computer Aided Design and support services primarily allied to the manufacturing and consumer goods industry.The company has, for the last nine years, grown in reputation within the manufacturing industry as one of the country's most reliable engineering design consulting firms.


There you can drag the Genesis - Featured Posts widget into the Featured Bottom widget area on the right hand side.Jeune, riche, il est un de ces golden boys qui triomphent à la bourse.Seul le nec plus ultra est digne de lui et il s'emploie à ne retrouver que des symboles qui lui renvoient une image de succès.In yet another Clinton 'get-rich-quick-and-often' scheme, the Foundation involves a massive a 'pay to play' bribery scheme in which seven-figure charitable donations and six-figure speaker's fees were sought in return for favorable policy decisions engineered by a secretary of state running the Clinton Foundation via a private e-mail service – in direct violation of national security laws.

He was acting as honorary chairman of the new American India Foundation (AIF), which included wealthy Indian-American entrepreneurs, executives and doctors who hoped to raise million to build some one hundred villages.'And there is no evidence of IRS approval and legal authority in key U. states to solicit donations from the general public, yet the foundation certainly did so, according to public filings,' he writes.

Before his arrest, he was global managing director of consulting giant Mc Kinsey & Company until 2003 when he was removed by the board.


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