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"I was admiring the decoration, and next thing I know he's pushing me against a wall and has his hands all over me. I was freaking out." Harth says she desperately protested against Trump's advances, and eventually managed to run out of the room.

She and her boyfriend left rather than stay the night, as they had intended.

In a July 2016 campaign endorsement, Ivana said: "I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald.Harth and Houraney visited Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in January 1993 for a contract-signing celebration.Trump, according to Harth, offered her a tour before pulling her into the empty bedroom of his daughter Ivanka.The interactions occurred in his offices at Trump Tower, at his homes, at construction sites and backstage at beauty pageants.


They appeared to be fleeting, unimportant moments to him, but they left lasting impressions on the women who experienced them.A flight attendant offered her an empty seat in the first-class cabin next to Trump. It was an assault." Trump spokesman Jason Miller responded to the allegation calling it "fiction." Miller stated the charges were politically motivated "for this to only become public decades later in the final month of a campaign for president should say it all." Trump publicly threatened to sue the Times over the newspaper's publication of the allegation, and demanded a retraction.


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