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And what an extremely nice backside it is as demonstrated in this clip from the lab scene in Virtuosity: The Starmale archive contains clips from all the films mentioned above plus nearly 70 captures of Russell Crowe naked (and more being added all the time).Ripley, Ocean's Eleven and, of course, the 2006 Best Picture, Martin Scorsese's brilliant The Departed.Matt quickly gained both critical raves and wide popularity, annually scoring among Hollywood's top money makers and audience faves.SEE IT NOW AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, the action-packed reality competition for buff dudes with something to prove. Video footage has been found of a young Vin in a hotel room masturbating before he became famous and without any tatoos. Damn Vin, you are not only packing big muscles, but an enormous celebrity cock.

Another footage shows him in a shower with some other guy joking about droping the soap. Jamie Dornan's '50 Shades of Grey' Gay Scandal hits the Internet.

Check out this clip from the Starmale video archive: One way or another over the years, we've somehow managed to miss blogging about one of Hollywood's sturdiest and studliest stars, Matt Damon.


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