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    I considered each of the dozen excuses I’d prepared for such a question, but finally I settled on the most straightforward answer: “I’m kind of not drinking right now.”Everyone at the bar kept talking loudly; we did not.

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    I mean, we both believe that our religious and spiritual beliefs are correct, but I would never say that he's not on the right path just because he thinks differently than me.

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    If I try to talk to you about fatphobia, about discrimination, about the challenges I face as a fat woman in the world, please don't try to comfort me by telling me people don't mean it, that maybe I'm misreading the situation, the the world isn't out to get me.

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    Sethukkarai hill (Serukkiri hill) is recently famous for the Girivalam (going around hill) among the locals on full moon days.

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    So I’m standing there in front of the bathroom mirror in my apartment the other day with my shirt off, trying to take a selfie with my phone.

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    "Phone numbers should behave more like software." As a result, they've turned it into a business tool beyond simple communication.

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