Adult chat group ohio

Why can't he just admit it even if he was just curious?If it was curiosity why numerous times on 2 consecutive nights? I do understand where you are coming from Debs but the longer it is unresolved the worse our relationship will get.It wasn't even after 12 so god knows where he got the numbers from it was between and .I know he hasn't ACTUALLY cheated and he has always said he never would but what the hell am I to believe now?the chances are your OH is embarresed im not excusing his behaviour in any way just trying to explain how these things work and what a fool your hubby will feel if he finds out how they work if you see what i mean .... The main thing is to take care of yourself and not let this set you back. Don't get caught up in rows which will probably hurt you more than they hurt him.I hope this is of some comfort to you even if not alot right now oh and by the way my aunt has been doing this kind of thing for yours and has never met up or entered into any other chat than her emplyed line as she would be sacked if she did good luck Hey Zoe how are you doing hon? ((hugs)) xx Can hear people and no-one here, I'm all alone and my aunty called me earlier and she died Oct 1st - come here Zo come on babe - keeps saying it to me,she always called me Zo - so scared. Please help me Crissy - Please xxxx Are you there Zoe? You're getting yourself overwrought about all this sweetie. He's been an idiot and he's too stubborn to admit it and too daft to apologise so just put it to one side for now.You badly want someone to come and give you some love and so I think you're concentrating so hard on wishing she was with you that it's getting you mixed up. xx He's at work, Mia's in bath, I'm on the bed - I got no-one, no friends, no family ( family I do have just think I'm a crank anyway, even make jokes about me being 'off my head' while I'm there ) just him and Mia, and they both hate me. You cannot think clearly while you are so upset and worked up hun. How about getting Mia out of the bath, wrapping her up in a towel and giving her a big cuddle. We need to calm you down and we need to make sure you're not alone honey. Take deep breaths and as you do so maybe play some favourite music or put the tele on, anything to distract you and calm you a little. Is there a friend or family member who can come and sit with you?

As for the txts I know it's not much consolation but he could well be txting someone like Mo out of Eastenders - she was doing the chat lines at one time!

Zoe you have come so very far and I am so proud of you honey. You know how much they love you it's the illness talking not you right now. xx (((hugs))) Zoe, Sorry I only just spotted your post hun. Like the others have said, you've got us here to talk to, or you can call the Samaritans. You have a baby to look forward to, you have Mia and you know your man might have messed up but he does love you and I am sure he never wanted to hurt you in this way.


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